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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Housewarming Party! Yay! How to be a Great Host!

Your Housewarming Party . . . How to Be a Great Host!

Hey there, Daymond here! Let's talk entertaining! So, everything is finally done with you moving in your new home, and you’re ready to throw a small housewarming party. If you’re not sure what to start with, here are a few tips that will help you out.

Plan Ahead

Decide how many guests you want to have over at your new house and what they are you going to eat and drink. Think about whether you have the space to serve your guests at a table or from a buffet. As far as beverages are concerned, make sure you have non-alcoholic beverages as well as wine and spirits.  Think about the fact that guests will be driving back to their homes from your housewarming party.

While planning, also think about some games or ice-breakers for your guests, especially if you’re having people over who don’t know each other.

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You Don't Need to Do It All By Yourself

Ask your friends or your spouse for help in the kitchen. Also, consider hiring someone to do the cleaning. After all the work you will be putting into getting planning and setting up your housewarming parting, you should certainly not feel guilty about getting help! Besides, doing things like cooking and decorating are more fun when done in pairs or groups. Just make sure everything is done prior to the moment your guests arrive for your party.

Meet & Greet

You should make your guests feel welcomed by offering them something to drink as soon as they settle in. If you’re going to have them take their shoes off, then you should have some slippers on hand to offer them. Next, show them around your home and tell short, funny stories about what happened during the new build or  remodeling. Also, don't forget to introduce your guests to everyone as they arrive. To go the extra mile, you can also strategically recommend to them where to sit so that they may mingle.

Make Them Comfortable

If you own a non-smoking house, then prepare a space where your guests can smoke. On the balcony or the kitchen, provide some chairs, ashtrays and scented candles. For the bathrooms, don’t forget to have clean towels and soap prepared. As an extra touch, have some hand cream available, which will be very appreciated by your female guests.

If you have pets, then your friends and family members probably already know you have one; however, they may be bringing guests, some of whom may not like animals. So, ask your guests when you send out the invitations if they mind your pet being around at the party. That way, you’ll have time to decide in advance what to do with your pet when your guests arrive.

Don't Forget to Enjoy It Too!

Even if you’re the host, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself! This is a party for everyone, including you. Don’t stress too much if something goes wrong, because the friends you’re having over will love you still!

Okay! Time to Get Started with Housewarming Plannin! Have Fun!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Home Design: Using Beautiful Artwork!

Home Design Can Be Profoundly Rewarding . . . Let's Talk About Using Beautiful Artwork!

Hey there, Daymond here! Let's get artsy! Green, yellow, square or spikey, no matter what color, shape or pattern it has, there’s always some form of art that will complement your home design with good looks and great taste.

When decorating or redecorating your home, you can go one of two ways: either first paint the walls and bring in the furniture, or first choose the art and then design everything around it.

No matter which you strategy you use, there are some key points to always take into account so that everything will look good together:

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A quick way to get things going smoothly is to choose complementary colors to match with your primary colors. For extreme pop and vibrance, you can match red with green (and its shades), yellow with purple (and its shades) and blue with orange (and its shades).
However, if those powerful colors are a bit too much for your taste, you can go the classic route and choose a pastel colors. Then, simply match those with a combination of white and/or black.


It doesn’t matter if it’s 2D or 3D, shapes or lines give the define the overall look of your design. You can go all geometrical or have geometric accents. In terms of shape, anything is allowed. Just be careful not to take it too far. A good home design soothes the eye, and it’s harmonizes balance among all elements.


Patterns are a great way to make a space visually more dynamic. From  your floors to your ceiling, everything is a pattern. It’s up to you to know how obvious and eccentric you want to make it. Dots and stripes or any size and color are the foundation for every pattern. Depending on how the rest of the space looks, you should choose something that will balance everything out.

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Happy Decorating!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Have 5 Great Bathroom Ideas for You!

5 Fantastic Bathroom 

Ideas for You!

Hey there, Daymond here! So, you’re about to sell your home and you’re not sure whether it will pay off to remodel. You want to sell your home fast and at a good price, without investing or delaying this too much.
Listings that are in a good neighbourhood sell fast. But surely, you can’t control the location of your home. Yet, what you can control, is the value the property seems to be worth. To add value, you must make some improvements . . . nothing big or expensive, but enough to make an impact.

From our experience, here are some changes that you should take into account when you plan to put your property on the market.

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The overall look

Buyers have a tendency to take into account the overall feel of the place. If it’s crowded and looks small, even if it’s not, they will be reluctant to buy. You should also refresh the paint on the walls, to give a new breath to the space. Old, dull walls aren’t very appealing at all.

Tip 1: Try to clear the space as much as possible by taking out the furniture you plan to take with you, and other items that the potential buyers might find unnecessary.

Tip 2: Be careful, while refreshing the colors on the walls is a good idea, some potential buyers might be skeptical as you try to hide imperfections. You should take before and after pictures to show clients that you painted only for aesthetics.

The kitchen

Whether big or small, kitchens tend to be the most popular place in the house. This is where people come together the most, so you have to make a good impression by showing off the assets you have. Fixing your cabinets or repainting them, cleaning the oil stains off the wall tiles, removing any stickers that might be left from your children will give the impression that they don’t have to invest too much after they buy your place. THIS IS A BIG PLUS.

Over your stove and above the countertops, the wall covering protects your wall from grease stains while you’re cooking. You might also pick an easy-to-maintain material, like tiles. Remember, tiles with flat surfaces make cleaning very easy. For optimal hygiene, you might choose a one-piece surface obtained from composite or natural stone.

Tip 3: If you’re handy around the house, you can repaint the old tiles you have with a special paint specially made for that. It doesn’t cost much, and it doesn’t take much to dry and it will look great! If the potential buyers afterwards change it completely, at least you will not have paid too much or spent too much time making it look good.

The bathroom

Even though we don’t spend as much time in the bathroom as we do in the kitchen, having a nice and tidy bathroom says a lot about the owners. To boost up your chances to quickly sell the apartment, some matching decorations and a plant, even a faux one, aside from a through cleaning, will make this space completely different.

Tip 4: You can add some extra lighting to your bathroom, to highlight certain areas, with light fixtures. If the spot you plan to put them shows the cabling too much, you could try the option of having a battery based fixture.

The small spaces, such as the pantry 

If you actually use these extra spaces available for storage, then make sure they are as clean and refreshed as possible. We wouldn’t recommend you remove any wall associated with these spaces to open the space up. Leave this choice to the buyer. They appreciate any extra space there is, but on decisions like this, it’s better to not get involved.

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Tip 5: Try to reorganize the space in the pantry, by taking out the old shelves and bringing new ones instead. They should offer more space, from top to bottom, and give a new look to that small storage room.

Let us know how everything turns out!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Modern Kitchen Design DO's & DON'TS!!!

Do's and Don'ts of 

Modern Kitchen Design!

Hey there, Daymond here! Do you love spending your time rummaging through your kitchen for ingredients and cooking and baking your favorite meals? Well then, you should invest in a cozy and modern kitchen design! But first, take note of these do’s and don’ts from me.

How to shape your kitchen design

Before you get going, you should decide which shape your kitchen design should have. There are several options, like an L-shape, U-shape, I-shape or cooking island.

According to its functions, a kitchen should have three zones: a cooking zone, a washing zone and a storage zone. It’s important to reduce the space between those zones so you thus reduce your time and effort to a minimum.

If you believe in the principles of Feng Shui, you might arrange your kitchen in such a way that you have a good sight on the entire room and the door while retaining enough space to move around.

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To move and cook efficiently in your kitchen, the distances and heights should be adapted to your own length.

The worktop should be approximately 3 feet high. Ideally, the oven should be installed on eye level. This allows you to put plates in the oven without stooping, and to easily have a quick check-up on your baking dishes. 

If you have a dishwasher, you should put it close to the sink, so you can easily rinse your messy dishes before putting them in the machine. If you have a kitchen table, you should keep about 2 feet of space around the perimeter of it for the chairs to move about.

Additionally, make sure you anticipate enough cabinet and pantry space, so you can store your kitchen equipment easily, according to Feng Shui principles, even as time passes.


When you choose a material for your kitchen worktop, it is important to choose a material that is easily cleanable. The most popular materials are laminated, composite stone, natural stone and plastic.

The wall covering protects your wall from grease stains while you’re cooking. You might also pick an easy to maintain material, like tiles. Remember, tiles with flat surfaces make cleaning very easy. For optimal hygiene, you might choose a one-piece surface obtained from composite or natural stone.
Alright, get to work!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Let's Talk Lighting!

Drawing a Lighting Plan

For Your Home!

Hey there, Daymond here! Let's talk lighting! 

Qualitative lighting can generate different atmospheres in your home and make your interior even more delightful. But that all depends on you thinking well beforehand of a good lighting plan. Let me be your guiding light.

Step 1: look where the daylight comes in

Step one in your lighting plan is to think about how you can save lighting energy using the incoming daylight as much as you can.  Examine the parts of the rooms that most daylight falls in, and then position your furniture accordingly. For example, a desk should be put close to a window. By painting the walls and ceiling light colors, you will need to turn lights on less often.

Step 2: position the basic lighting

Measure your furniture and draw the sitting area and dinner table on your house plan. Then define where the basic lighting is coming in. The basic lighting includes the lights you are going to turn on when entering the room in the dark. These are mostly pendant lamps or spotlights. You can draw the basics lights on the plan using a specific color. 

Step 3: position the atmospheric lighting

Your next step is to position the atmospheric lighting. The goal of this warmer and softer type of lighting is to bring coziness and relaxation, for example, in the living room or the bathroom. Atmospheric lights can be created with table and floor lamps, or wall lamps. However, they could also include already existent basic lighting, the intensity of which is adjusted by dimmers.

Step 4: position the accent lighting

A third and last category of lighting are the accent lights. These lights also create atmosphere. You can position lights in a particular way so that they highlight a beautiful painting, a nice family picture, or a piece of design. Also, you can lighten up a reading corner. 

Step 5: position the switches

In addition to choosing where to install the three types of lights, you should also position the switches. You want to figure out where they are seen and which lights they switch on. It’s practical to have one switch near the door with which you can switch off all lighting at once when you leave the room. Also, it’s nice to have a switch next to your bed, so you don’t have to switch on a nightlight first before switching on the basic ceiling light. 

Step 6: lighting the garden and exterior

Now that you are busy drawing, it might be a good idea to plan the garden and exterior lighting as well. Even though you will only do this after the rest of your lighting design is done, you might already foresee the tubes and circuit breakers for it. 

You can probably go through 
all of these steps on your own. That way, you will save a lot of money. However, don't hesitate to ask an expert to have a look at your plan before implementing it. After all, you rather be safe than sorry.

Good luck!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Bedroom Design Inspiration!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

I Have Tips & Inspiration

For Your Bedroom Design!

Hey, Daymond here! Did you know that we spend one-third of our lives in bed? Isn't that enough reason to invest in a nice bedroom design that turns your bedroom into a space for optimal relaxation? Here are some tips for designing the bedroom of your dreams!

Make a bedroom design mood board

Your bedroom design should be well-balanced. Wall paint, curtains and pieces of furniture should create one agreeable atmosphere. Objects and materials that look beautiful separately, do not necessarily do so together. That’s why you should start your bedroom design by making a mood board.

A mood board can contain pieces of furniture, fabrics, colors and inspiring interiors. You can have a look at interior design brochures and magazines, then cut and paste interesting pictures on paper. Another method is to use an online tool like Pinterest!

When you have collected all the pictures you like in one place, you can start arranging them into style groups. You will easily see which style you prefer most.

Create space

There are many ways to make a small bedroom look more spacious. You can use wall mirrors, for example, or choose light paint colors for the walls and ceiling. You can also hang long curtains, that reach the floor and cover more windows at once. Hotels use this trick very often.

Use spheric lighting

Lighting can change the atmosphere of a room in one second. In addition to basic ceiling lighting, you should also install spheric lights. A nice touch is to have those enabled to turn off and on from your bed! 

Choose light wall colors

Colors have an important effect on our mindset. In the bedroom, you should choose colors that evoke peace and tranquility. Neutral grey shades or light colors tend to be most suitable.

Did you include a cool, designer wall paper on your moodboard? Good! Then you might want to apply it to the wall behind your bed. That way, it will be out of sight when you lie in the bed, and it won't disturb you when you lie awake.

Use soft materials

To create a peaceful and tranquil space, as we mentioned earlier, where you can relax, make sure you pick soft fabrics and warm materials. Use silk, fleece, wool, and wood. If you have cold floor tiles in your room, then cover them with a nice carpets.

Less is more

Home decorations make your place look cozy, but don’t overdo it! A few well-chosen eyecatchers are better than a lot of decoration. Choose objects with geometric forms instead of heavily ornamented objects, to create more peace.

Sweet dreams!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Looking for Eco-Friendly Ideas?

How to Turn Your Home

Into an Eco-Friendly Home!

Hey, Daymond here! Saving the planet from your lazy sofa . . . it is possible! Nowadays, there are a lot of sustainable building solutions available on the market to allow you to turn your house into an eco-friendly house without giving in on comfort. Here are a few options: 

Rule n°1: insulate

The first step for turning your home into an eco-house is good insulation. It can save up to half of your energy costs. Choose suitable materials and make sure they are correctly applied. Leaks in the corners of your rooms might cause moisture and mold to appear. Also make sure you insulate the duct work in spaces you don’t heat to minimize energy losses. Always keep in mind that a well insulated home needs good ventilation too.

A heat pump extracts heat from the air

A heat pump makes use of sustainable energy. It is able to extract heat from the air or the ground, and then ‘pump’ it inside your home. As the heat does not have to be produced, only transferred, a heat pump is a very efficient system to heat your eco-house.

Solar panels use free sunlight

Solar energy is by far the most sustainable manner to provide heating for your home. Sunlight is free, so you don’t have to worry about high energy prices. However, the conditions for the solar panels must be right. In the most ideal case, you install them on a sunny roof directed southwards.

Turn your home into a smart eco-house

When you install a new heating system in your home, make sure you can monitor the temperature in every space separately. That way, you will know which spaces don't require as much heating because you do not visit them as often. There are a lot of systems on the market that measure your energy consumption per device and enable you to control your energy use from a distance.

Investment in sustainable building solutions is rather high. However, in the long term, these solutions will save you a lot of money on your energy bills. Also, check whether the government offers subsidies or tax incentives to lower your investment costs!

Go for it!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Before Getting Moving Boxes, Ask Yourself This!

Before You Buy Those

Moving Boxes, Ask Yourself

These 3 Questions 

Hey, Daymond here! Well, it's finally time for you to move. You bought your place, all the paperwork is done, and your time at your old place will soon expire. So it’s time to start packing!

Let’s go through some questions, to help you with the moving process.

1. Are all these things really necessary?

You’ve lived there for quite some time, in which you gathered all sorts of things. Some have emotional value, others are just reminders of times that have come to pass. So there’s no better time than now to start giving away your old things. Don’t be a hoarder and donate what’s not useful to you anymore!

2. Where does everything go?

You can start by grouping together the items you’ll be needing right away after you move, and the items that could be left in the storage for a while - like your bike or skis.

After you get these two piles in order - in your mind, at least, start by separating them for living areas: what’s for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so on.

The next step is to put them in boxes on which you write where the box goes. If you don’t, you might end up with a big pile of boxes, not knowing what’s in them. What a mess!

You can even color code the really important ones and write FRAGILE on the boxes that contain such products.

3. Can you move by yourself, or do you need help?

If you move within the same city, and you own a car, in a few days you’d manage to move everything by yourself. Surely, you’d have to take a couple of trips back and forth. But hey, it’s your fault that you have so many stuff! :)

If it’s you plus a friend or family member, things will be twice as fun and fast.

On the other hand, if you’re moving in a different city, you’ll most probably have to rent a moving truck or hire a moving agency.

Just take your pick according to proximity, distance, and fees charged. With a simple Google search, you’ll get many search results of businesses that can move your furniture to your new home. You'll need get a quote from them online or over the phone, so get to finding one!

Make sure you do enough planning and get enough time to move, because, as you’ll see, you own more things than you believed. As you start realizing how many things you gathered over the years, your packing time, moving time, and moving costs will be impacted. So, the sooner you know how much things you have to move, the sooner you’ll be able to assess the time and money you need to finally move into your new home.

We know it’s difficult to move, but when you find your new place and finish with the moving process, it will all be worth it.

You can do it! Good luck!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Ah! The Choice Between

Love and Affordable . . .

the Perfect Home!

Hey, Daymond here! When you’re on the search for a new home, and you’re working with a limited budget, you’ll have to make some decisions that will influence either the price or the comfort level you’ve dreamed for your home.

You might think it’s not a big deal, but these decisions will also influence your well-being, and most definitely will increase the budget you initially estimated. Let’s face it . . . dreams cost!

What will help you prioritize desires is to have one fixed variable in your calculation. Nothing should divert you from that.

So, let’s assume your fixed variable is the price. However, in the end, truth be told, the price will not be all that fixed, since you’ll find yourself in the predicament to accept a bigger price. So, that means you should just make sure the other variables reach a minimum accepted level for your home.

Yet, for the sake of the argument, you’ll have a fixed price. This fixed price will help choose between:

  • the location of your new home
  • a partially to fully furnished in the outskirts or something not so new close to the city center
  • upgrades

At the same time, it will make it harder for you to choose the perfect home, based on the same considerations.

The question now is “how do you prioritize?” You need to figure out what to let go of and what to hold on to. Then, the answer will be influenced by the home’s potential and how much you need now compared to what you can postpone.


AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Flooring Ideas! I Know You Want ‘Em!

How to Pick the Right Floors 

for Your Home!

Hey! Daymond here! When you decide to renovate a home, or build a new one, you need to choose great floor types for all rooms. The floors will have a large impact on the overall look of your home’s interior. Practical, aesthetic, and financial arguments will need to be taken into consideration. Thus, I listed some advantages and disadvantages of the most common floor types: 

Tile floors

You can lay a tile floor in practically every part of the house. But this floor type is most useful in the rooms you will use most intensively and need to clean most often. A tile floor is sustainable and ideal when you have children or pets in the house. The colors and shapes are diverse and may range from mosaic to gigantic marble tiles. The main disadvantage of tile floors is their cold feeling, unless you install underfloor heating, of course.

Also, keep in mind you do not change a tile floor overnight, once it’s installed, it’s there for many years. 

Wooden floors

A wooden floor is equally as sustainable as a tile floor. It has a long lifetime, and it is relatively easy to maintain, provided it is finished with oil, wax, or polish. Otherwise, you risk getting permanent stains on it. We would not recommend wooden floors when you have pets at home because they might permanently scratch it with their nails. Also, these floors cannot be complemented with underfloor heating. If your wooden floors get any direct sun for extended periods of time, they may become discolored.

Keep these disadvantages in mind when you take a wooden floor into consideration. Real wood floors are certainly not the cheapest floor type! 

Laminate floors

If you want a more affordable floor solution, you might prefer laminate. Its smooth surface is easier to maintain. Being a hard material, laminate is a long-lasting and solid floor type. On the other hand, its stiffness can create hollows underneath if you lay it on an uneven surface.

Cork floors

Cork is a natural product. It is made of the bark of the cork tree, and you can buy it in tile or laminate forms. It is a sustainable material, but it needs a new polish layer every three years. Cork floors have a great insulating capacity and they muffle sounds, but they are less suitable to combine with underfloor heating. They are also costly. 

Linoleum or vinyl floors

A linoleum floor is durable, it muffles sounds, and it’s cheap! However, you must make sure that you glue it well to the ground, to not have bubbles. Linoleum is a natural product, just like cork.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is synthetic, but it looks very much like linoleum. It is also cheap, silent, and solid. The thicker the vinyl, the more solid. In a room you will use intensively, you might want to choose a thick layer because damages in vinyl floors cannot be repaired. 


Carpet floors are ideal if you like it soft! You can cover the whole floor with carpet, or you can choose to lay loose carpets on top of other floor types. If you choose to cover the whole room with carpet, you don’t have to glue it. Also, carpet muffles sound well, but it is extremely difficult to maintain. Also, keep in mind if you are allergic, you might not use it because it traps dirt and allergens.

What floor types do you prefer? Need help choosing the best floor types for your brand new home or investment propert? Give AgentsDFW a call!

Let's get some floors laid!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Living on the DFW Outskirts!

The Advantages of Living on the Edge . . . The Outskirts!

With more people buying properties in major cities, the suburbs and rural areas are slowly losing their quietness. If you’re already living on the outskirts and noticed an increase of constructions sites or skyline views, then soon things will start to change. You’ll get to a point when you start to wonder whether you will continue living there or move away.

Do you love the noise, crowdedness and always having something to do? Or would you rather the quietness of a quaint, slow suburb or country land?

What are considered “the outskirts”?

You can tell if you’re living in outskirts if it takes you around 30 minutes by car to get to the nearest city center. DFW contains a cluster of small cities. So, I am not only talking about Dallas, but any one of those other cities, such as Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Plano, Frisco, Mesquite, etc.

Advantages of the outskirts

The main advantage of living on the outskirts is that it feels more like a community. People tend to know their neighbors and they usually share the same values. The children grow up with a different mentality, in a quieter space, away from the urban madness. And still, they have access to the good schools in the city, since the driving distance is not very far.

You can quiet down the loudness of the city by returning home in the evenings, while still retaining the ability to attend events and concerts that interest you.

By living in the outskirts, you’ll have a different pace of life that you and your family can grow in . . . within your control. You will live life away from all the traffic, noise, and pollution!

This is the ideal scenario, if you’re lucky enough to find such a semi-urban area that will remain unchanged for years to come. While cities grow, the concept of living in the outskirts begins to look surreal, right?

The truth is, when you look at the rate new buildings are being built across DFW, condos and apartment buildings seem to be appearing from nowhere.  Then comes the retail stores and strip malls. These buildings are going up in some areas that were not so long ago quiet, with low profiles near quaint city centers.

The future of the outskirts

If you are living on the outskirts somewhere, you have little to no control over the way new neighborhoods expand. The urban development plans in the major cities are a bit out of control, but is moving away a solution for you?

IT MAY BE. It all depends on your priorities. If you have children, moving away and depriving them of good educational opportunities is not a good solution. If you can work remotely, if you’re a freelancer, or if you’re a free spirit, then this is definitely not the solution for you. However, if you are focused on your career, then it may be!

In the end, all we can truly hope is that we make good choices when we decide to move to the outskirts or vice versa. Working with us, AgentsDFW, as your preferred real estate firm will allow us to have a great planning and brainstorming session for identifying regional trends. We can thus forecast some possibilities of future growth in the areas you are considering moving too!

Good luck!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,


Housewarming Party! Yay! How to be a Great Host!

Your Housewarming Party . . . How to Be a Great Host! Hey there, Daymond here! Let's talk entertaining!   So, ever...