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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Let's Set Expectations . . .

Buyer, Seller & Broker/Agent Expectations in Real Estate 

Hey there!

Daymond here! 
Sometimes, in our day to day lives, we find ourselves having different expectations in various situations that are different from those of our friends. For instance, some people enjoy certain movies, and others don’t. It’s not a problem, but we must be aware of these differences of perspective, especially if we’re trying to make moves in the real estate market, right? USA, LLC

So today, we’re going to put ourselves in the shoes of the Buyer, the Seller, and the Broker/Agent. We will cover their expectations and viewpoints, concerning property transactions! 

The Buyer

To find dream homes is all people want when they reach the point of buying places to live. But it often gets pretty difficult, and these Buyers then have to compromise quite a bit. For instance, a property may come with a good view, but it could be in a bad neighborhood. Maybe the house has large bathrooms, but it is out of the budget. Thus, it becomes really difficult to find something that meets both the Buyer’s price range and requirements.

Finally, when the buyers do find something, the house then becomes unavailable for some reason, or the sellers would rather have a large down payment upfront . . . maybe even cash

Many people can't afford to upchuck lots of cash upfront. They thus have approved loans to use for buying a house. Thus, the Buyer compromises to find a second or third choice home. And if they are using that 30-year loan to buy that house, then they really need to be sure of the purchase. Still, there may always linger a question in the back of their minds: "What if something better comes along right after I sign that contract?"

Yes, Buyers have a big decision to make, and they obviously can’t demand a seller to understand the details of their purchase, cash or financed. To complicate matters, there are times when something unexpected happens during the proceedings of the home purchase that makes the buyer want to back out of the deal.

Buyers really appreciate some understanding from both the broker/agent and the seller. 

To sum it up, BUYERS WANT . . .

  • to get the best they can buy with the amount they have
  • sellers to make their properties pleasant for viewing  
  • brokers/agents to explain all the procedures, fees and taxes, and have their best interest in a negotiation
  • have some understanding from the seller and the broker/agent when a deal breaks

The Seller

More often than not, as a Seller, you want to sell your property at the best price. You could wait, if that’s what it takes, because after all, the prices keep going up! So, you’ll wait it out, until you think the market’s good enough to offer the money you think your property is worth. There are, of course, times when you want to sell as soon as possible, at a price that’s below the market’s value because you need quick cash. In both cases, assuming that you’re working with a real estate agency, you want to know what are the hidden/undisclosed, yet just costs for your sale.

In Texas, you as the Seller pay the agent’s fees. It's all spelled out in the listing agreement that the listing agent will have gotten signed by you. We sometimes hear about cases after the sale when an agent approaches the Seller for commission fees. However, this is very rare and primarily involves cases by which the Seller was trying to avoid working with a real estate Broker/Agent in the first place. We discourage this practice! Be frank from the beginning, and you will gain so much more. The Broker/Agent is there to make sure your property sale goes smoothly and in accordance with state law.

Also remember the Buyers would like for you to stand by a gentlemen's agreement, and not mislead them.  Don't try to change prices and down payments after the sales contract is signed and executed. Most of all, don't fail to show up to sign the sales and closing documents!

To sum it up, SELLERS WANT . . .

  • to sell their home quick, at a price above the market’s value OR wait, until the prices reach desired values
  • to have an honest agent, that knows how to best sell a property
  • to know fees to be paid to the Broker/Agent
  • to work with Buyers who are trustworthy and won't renege on the deal at hand 

The Broker/Agent

Brokers/Agents essentially make a living from the commissions they earn after each closed home sale. So it’s in their best interest to help sell a property quick, at a high price. Depending on the Broker/Agent, once you give him a price range, he’ll usually make recommendations to the Buyer or the Seller that may seem pricey, but are seldomly out of budget.

Real estate Brokers/Agents discourage Sellers from constantly changing the price of their properties and their availability. It can be tempting for Sellers to sit and wait for the best offer to come along, but they must understand that’s very bad. It sends a shady message to Buyers when the Broker/Agent has to keep telling potential Buyers the house off the market until a later date.

Brokers/Agents really like for Sellers to put in some effort when trying to sell their homes. Decency in the kitchen is expected, with no mold or dirty dishes piled in the sink. The property should be kept clean and tidy. Fresh paint, if needed, is great also!

It's very unprofessional and time-consuming when either the Buyer, the Seller, or both change viewing times. Brokers/Agents are there to help Buyers and Sellers as their clients. Very often, Brokers/Agents are juggling multiple clients, so appreciation of their time is duly warranted.

When it comes to Buyers, after signing the sales contract, Buyers should not try to change the sales price. This is a legal, business matter out of the Broker's/Agent's control at that point. The Broker/Agent dislikes getting into any disagreements that to sink a deal, so he does what it right in accordance with Texas law.  Remember, his real estate license is on the line!

To sum it up, BROKERS/AGENTS WANT . . .

  • Sellers to have their mind set when they decide to sell their properties
  • properties to have a decent, tidy environment for better sales presentation
  • Buyers and Sellers to stick by details negotiated in the sales contract
  • an overall good flow with property viewings with quick sales 

All clear now? Okay! GREAT!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,

Thursday, January 25, 2018

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Avoiding the Risks of Home Buying! 

Buying a New House? Well, Here is What You Need to Check Out . . .


Hey there!

Daymond here! Are you looking for a new house? Well, I can help you. And I also want to let you know that buying a house is RISKY BUSINESS!

You see, if the house for sale is over ten years old, there may be some hidden skeletons in the closet. Therefore, we can use my home inspection checklist below to serve as a guide!

1. Visit during daylight hours

Ideally, we should arrange to visit the house for sale during bright daylight hours, so you can see if there is enough light coming in every part of the house. This way, you and I will better be able to notice potential weaknesses or damages. 

2. Check the orientation of the house

We should evaluate the direction in which the house is built. By doing so, we can predict where the light comes in at every part of the day. You might enjoy a sunny morning in the kitchen, and a bright afternoon in the living room. If the house has a garden, we can check whether it is directed to the west, so you can enjoy a sunny day in the garden until late afternoon! 

3. Bring a flashlight

We need to have a flashlight with us. Natural daylight and interior home lighting will not show us everything while we're looking throughout the house for sale. So, we can have a look in dark corners like the pantry and closet areas. We might even want to look in the attic or exterior storage spaces. Maybe we can look behind sofas, beds, furniture, curtains and carpets as well. 

4. Knock on wood

We need to check those wooden beams for damages by pests or wear and tear over time. The best way to do that is to bring a sharp object, like a key or screwdriver, to inspect the holes. We can also knock on the wood with our knuckles. If the wood is soft or the sound is dull, that probably means BAD NEWS! 

5. Check the walls

Let's check those walls inside and out for cracks! A house adjusts to its foundation after extended periods of time. Thus, a few cracks might develop here and there. Many of those cracks won't be dangerous for the construction of the house. If, however, we notice long cracks in the walls that don’t follow the lines of the bricks, those might indicate there are serious problems with the home’s construction! 

6. Check the roof

The quality of the roof of any home is an important factor of quality! That's because it protects the rest of the home's construction from moisture. If the house for sale has a flat roof, we need to check whether the water drains well. Moss and heavy mold damage on the roof is a bad sign! We need to make sure we also check the extent to which the house is insulated. 

7. Ask for help

I AND MY TEAM ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! But we cannot anticipate every question or thought you have. So, once you think you've found a neighborhood, home builder, or house of your dreams on an app you've been using, then work with us to make your property buying dreams come true! We will make sure we get the right inspector involved to  complete a comprehensive check-up for the house you're buying!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Getting Space the Smart Way!

Don't Have Enough Space? Want to Know How You GET MORE the SMART Way?

Hey there!

Daymond here! So you all know that lots of people are moving here to Dallas! Housing prices are rising, and that means more and more people are deciding to live in smaller houses, condominiums, and townhouses. However, keeping a smaller space neat and organized takes A LOT of effort, right? But, I'm here to tell you space-saving furniture keeps your small home practical and peaceful!

Here are a few basic tips below:

1. Get it all-in-one
Space-saving furniture is multifunctional: a mirror with a coat hanger, a sofa that can be folded out to a bed, a coffee table that can be transformed into extra seats with a few pillows...

2. Build custom sideboards

The best piece of space-saving furniture is the built-in sideboard. Built-in sideboards turn unpractical spaces beneath the staircase or under sloping roofs into useful storage space. Opt for sliding panels, so few space is necessary to open them. 

3. Transform your bed

A bed takes a lot of space that you do not need during the day. A loft bed, with a desk or a wardrobe underneath is a good solution if you do not mind taking a ladder to get in and out of your bed. If you do mind, you might opt for a foldable bed that can be turned into a sofa or moved up against the wall. 

4. Wheel it off

Furniture on wheels is easy to arrange your stuff. Think of a footrest you can roll under your coffee table, a stylish box on wheels you can hide under your TV cabinet, a moving book rack... 

5. Save space in the kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen? Then you might want to install a collapsible kitchen table. Next to being a nice piece of space-saving furniture, it is also practical to clean underneath, and a good incentive to keep it empty of lying around stuff. Combine the table with foldable chairs to maximise space-saving.
Hope this helps!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,

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