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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Buyers, Need Help?

BUYERS . . . Are You Confused About Where to Start? Check Out My Buyer's Guide for YOU!

Daymond here! Well, if you’re looking for a new place to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then this article is meant for you! Whether you are looking to buy, lease, or invest in real estate, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!

1. Do you receive automatic searches from me? 

Great, if you do! However, if you don’t, I can easily set up an auto search for you. It’s free, and you’ll receive periodic emails from me that capture existing properties on the market meeting your budget and zip code requirements. I can further tweak search details to really focus on the specifics and qualities you need for your new place! Thereafter, all you’ll need to do is share with me the MLS numbers or addresses of the properties that peak your interest. I would be happy to set up showings for you!

BUT HERE IS WHAT YOU MUST DO TO ACT FAST ON HOMES YOU LIKE . . . If you’re planning to get a bank loan, get started on that ASAP! Houses are moving really fast in the Dallas market. As a matter of fact, if your price range is $0 to $225,000, many of those houses are being quickly bought by fast-moving investors! That’s your competition, so I can help you navigate this crazy market.

2. Stop looking, and let’s start searching!

If you’re not sure what type of home best suits your needs, then ask me any questions you have to begin making the right choice for you. We will evaluate your price range and pre-approved loan amount. This will give us a precise aim regarding your new home purchase. I urge you to work with as many loan agencies as possible to obtain the best loan at the best financing rate you desire.

3. What to keep in mind

Before we go to home showings, you should make sure you have clear expectations from the sellers of the properties you are interested in.  I can help you fully define these expectations. I can also compare your expectations to those of the Seller so we can better negotiate with the Seller. We don’t want any incidents to occur that you are not prepared to handle regarding the acquisition of your new home.

Additionally, I want you to keep in mind that I am here to help you fully evaluate any home you think would be great to buy. I will be working with you to identify hidden artifacts and conditions that might compromise the integrity, structure, and foundation of the home. 

4. Let’s get to the handshake and the victory dance!

If you will be leasing, then you’ll sign a leasing contract with the Landlord. Typically, this will involve you submitting an application first. We might be twiddling our thumbs first until the Landlord accepts you as a new tenant, but that’s okay. Thereafter, you’ll need to pay upfront fees and the first month’s rent.  Then, you be well on your way to getting settled in!

If you’re buying a home, after negotiating the property’s price, then prepare yourself for quite a few conversations with your mortgage broker and subsequently me as I work with a title company on your behalf. In the end, when you finally get to the title company to sign your closing documents, you’ll have to pay your responsibility of fees in accordance with the Closing Disclosure and Loan Estimate documents.

5. Move in!

Before buying the moving boxes, sift and rummage through the stuff you plan to bring along with you to the new place. While the home is still empty or at least void of your personal items, decide if you want to plan a hardcore renovation (like changing the doors, replacing windows, polishing or changing floors, or installing major home systems, such as plumbing and A/C units).

After a while, when you’re ready to get back on the market with selling this place and getting a new one, I will be looking forward to working with you again! This time, as a Real Estate Seller :-)

Let's Get Going, Buyer!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sellers, Get Ready!

PSST . . . Check Out My

Seller's Guide for YOU!

Hey there!

Daymond here! I prepared a Real Estate Seller’s Guide so you, our Seller, can be prepared for everything that you will need to do in order to while selling your property!

1. In order to successfully sell your property, you should list with us, AgentsDFW : -)

As you may already be aware, there are no upfront listing costs! And you get the benefit of superb marketing design and exposure in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), on, throughout our social media sites and profiles, and a host of other marketing platforms. Listing with our real estate agency will help you sell your home faster! We will also provide you with with all the paperwork and guidance you need to make sure you home sale goes smoothly and legally. 

2. Expect our handling of showings to potential buyers

It won’t take long for people to start calling us or our scheduling services to know more about your property and subsequently view it! That means you need to make sure you adhere to our recommended “good-to-do tips” for making your house appealing.
The more a house looks comfortably tidy and clean is the quicker it sells.

3. Get ready for contract review & negotiations

In today’s Dallas market, there are ofter multiple contracts for the Seller to review before making a final decision on an accepted offer. That means you’ll need to be joined to us are your agent by the hip! We will explain the difference and nuances among the various offers. Thus, you will be able to make an informed decision while selecting an offer that better suits your desires.

4. Your settlement fees 

When you accept an offer from a Buyer, the contract then goes to a title company to settle associated fees and facilitate the transfer of the title from you, the Seller, to the Buyer. Taxes are prorated, and additional fees like HOA fees, taxes, and monetary concessions are finalized by the Title Company using the Closing Disclosure and Loan Estimate documents. Also, a total commission of 6% typically comes out of the sale of the house. That commission is split between us, you Seller’s Real Estate Agency, and the Buyer’s Real Estate Agency.

5. Search for a new place!

The proceedings of selling a house seem and are tedious, but the time typically flies by before you know! Then, you get in the precarious situation of needing a find a new home right after moving out of the one you just sold! Therefore, iou should start looking for new places to move as soon as put your house on the market. It’s never too soon to start having those conversations with us as well!

Happy Selling, Seller!

AgentsDFW by way of Daymond E. Lavine,

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